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"Delivering nutritious food and keeping its natural goodness is my mission because food that is cleaned thoroughly doesn't need flavour enhancers.For starters, you oughta taste our Nasi Lemak and sambal." -- Vyn, Founder

Why Choose Us?

Here are our beliefs on the best practices in a kitchen:

1. Only dark brown sugar is used: A tablespoon of molasses is a good source of dietary potassium and small amounts of calcium, magnesium and B vitamins. Recommended dosage: 25 grams of sugar per day. Nonetheless, any added sugar should be reduced and yes, we reduce the brown sugar by about 50% to 70% from the original recipe.

2. No deep-fried foods:The methods used are mainly grilled, air-fried and pan-fried. All with minimal oil.

3. Cleanliness of food: All vegetables and meats are cleaned with filtered water and for some vegetables, scrubbed because of the soil which can contain harmful bacteria.

4. No added flavour enhancers (MSG): Most of the cooking uses a more natural way of cooking like sea salt, pepper, spices and limit usage of sauces to a minimal as they tend to have MSG.

5. Basmati rice and quinoa rock! They are low Glycemic Index grains and higher in nutritional value than the traditional jasmine rice.

I found this little gem of a place behind the Sail on my walk to work near MBFC, and since then it's become one of my go-to places. I love the home-made sambal, the fresh ingredients, the overall quality & value, and best of all, the amazing taste and flavors of the food. It's clear the owner (Vyn) puts a lot of care in preparation and detail into everything. Would highly recommend the spicy sambal and side of guacamole for that extra kick!


Sambal Timer since Nov 2017

About Us

Vyn Chong

Founder & Self-trained Chef

The team that cooks and serves food with a mission: clean, nutritious and flavourful food to you. 

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